Course Februari 2018 : Robin Lansman - Functional Active Release Techniques

Why should you as an osteopath apply Functional Active Release Techniques ?

Join the postgraduate course by Robin Lansman. Inschrijven via de site. Accreditatie GnRPO goedgekeurd.

Muscles chains and body systematic mechanical assessments inform the hands on treatment every step of the way with Functional Active Release Techniques. Robin Lansman Teaches his Bio-mechanical assessment techniques to Osteopaths from across the UK and Europe. Once the accurate diagnosis is arrived at and the cause of the problem understood a treatment plan can be formed. Action plan for the patient using FAR tailored remedial exercises all help speed your patient too recovery.

Functional Active Release Techniques can be used for

  • Hip stiffness that affect your walking stride and balance
  • Helping you fully recover after a  joint replacement (hip/knee)
  • Chronic postural spinal stiffness in the upper back associated with tension headaches
  • Shoulder stiffness and frozen shoulder
  • Helping long term recovery after accidents like whiplash
  • Lower back pain and stiffness and certain types of sciatica
  • Ideal for Hyper-mobile jointed patients who suffer deep muscle stiffness

You will be able to develop a very advanced "feel" for the tissues and their texture, tension and movement. You come to understand and evaluate the movement of each tissue relative to the one next to it and as an absolute value unto itself. This is an anatomy class like no other!

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Publicatie: 25 oktober 2016